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The Residence Boutique Hotel

We don’t often find ourselves doing Overberg Interior Photography assignments. We can probably count on one hand the few we have done. The first establishment that we ever photographed, which feels like a life time ago, was the Arniston Hotel. In fact, they still have some of the images we took up on their website.


How delighted we were to receive a message from Mo enquiring about our interior photography services. The Ahmed family just recently took ownership of the gorgeous Elgin Boutique Hotel. They are in the process of re-branding. Part of this process means a fresh new look website. For this they would need updated images.

We were super excited to be heading off to Elgin for this Overberg Interior photography job. Being a rather large assignment, we got to stay over for the night. Can we mention that it was not just in any suite, but the suite Richard Branson stayed in when visiting the valley a while back!


The Residence Boutique Hotel is stately, yet homely. Coming up the drive, the façade reminded me strangely of something I had seen before. Suddenly I had flashbacks of the intro to Dallas with its sweeping views of Southfork Ranch. But the Ahmed family are nothing like the Ewings. Thankfully, that is! Instead, they are a creative, stylish bunch. Although they are astute business people, they are kind and hospitable, and they made us feel so at home in their space. From walks in the garden, to a special Indian bean recipe which was specially made for us, to leaving with padkos. They are genuinely lovely people. We have no doubt that they will make a success of their new venture.

We won’t go into detail about the property, but hope that our selection of photographs will give you a sneak peek into what to expect. For more details visit The Residence Boutique Hotel Website.

Thank you to Mo and the Ahmed family for this fabulous opportunity of getting to do an Overberg Interior photography shoot again. We hope that our images will assist in introducing loads of new guests to your beautiful establishment!

Wood fired hot tubs by:  Kol Kol


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