Rhodes Memorial Family Photos

The Farella Family


It was slightly bitter sweet taking these Rhodes Memorial family photos.  We’ve come a long way with Paolo and Chantal.  Brought together by a common interest for Alfas way back when!  Then we photographed their wedding, then a maternity shoot, and then a family shoot.  And, sadly,  now a farewell shoot.  Chantal, Paolo and Fabio will be leaving for the UK (aka the mud island as Paolo calls it!) later this month.

Although anything to do with Rhodes has taken a bit of slack lately, Rhodes Mem is still an iconic Cape Town Spot.  Like it or not, it’s been part of our history for years.  Many a student day spent up there!  It’s diverse as a photo backdrop too, so when Paolo mentioned it as an option, we were keen!

We started off our Rhodes Memorial family photos  in the forested area behind the actual monument. The winter pallet was definitely visible with bare trees and muted colours.  It made such a pretty backdrop.

Fabio was in his element.  What a little character he is!  Full of energy and a real little boy!  He’d been to a birthday party earlier that day, and no doubt that sugar rushed kicked in halfway through our shoot!

We made our way down to the actual monument.  It’s quite an imposing, stark structure, but love the texture of the stone, and how you can play around in between the columns.  But first a little snack intermission for Fabio before the second part of the shoot!

The views from Rhodes Memorial are incredible too, and a fitting farewell for the lovely Farella Family.

Chantal, Paolo and Fabio thank you for a fun afternoon taking your Rhodes Memorial Family photos.  We wish you all kinds of wonderful for your new adventure!  Exciting times ahead for you!  Perhaps we’ll see you on Mud Island sometime in the future!

Alla Prossima!


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