Rhythm Full On McGregor

Rhythm Full On

We are greeted at the gate of Rhythm Full on by Panina Weiner.  She is adorned in a mustard yellow outfit and sun hat.  Warmth and energy seem to radiate from her very being.

Her eyes light up as she tells us not to unpack our camera equipment just yet.   “But why?” we ask.  “We first need to have a tour” she answers.  Out of the corner of our eye we watch the shadows shifting.  We worry that the pretty light inside may disappear.  But that’s okay.  We’ve gotten to know Panina over the last few years of shooting for McGregor Country Getaways.  She is not one for rushing.  She is the epitome of zen itself, and after two minutes of sitting on the Heritage Bench we feel a calmness come over us.  There’s always tomorrow if we don’t finish today.

We listen intently as Panina tells us how Rhythm Full on came into being.  One thing for sure is that she has an undying love and devotion for her daughter, Mira.  We so enjoyed the little anecdotes she shared of when she and Mira first moved to McGregor.

After we had finished the tour of the garden, it was time to go inside.  But first, shoes off.  Rhythm full on is a sacred space.  Very quickly it became second nature and it was surprising easy getting into the habit of leaving our shoes on the doorstep.

Much thought went into the design of Rhythm Full On.  High ceilings and low window sills create the illusion of volume.

Although the square meterage of this one bedroomed cottage is not that high, the white finishes and minimalistic furnishings create a sense of space.   We were surprised to find both a free standing Victorian bath as well as a shower in the en-suite bathroom.  And of course if there are thick white plush towels, you always score bonus points!

Our favourite part of the cottage was the living area.  Morning sun streams through the large windows and front door.  A huge oversized floppy couch just begs to be snuggled in. Open the door, and it’s almost as if you are actually sitting in the garden, complete with birdsong.

In the evenings the sun dips over the back garden.  There is a very unique tunnel here.  It’s one of those spaces that can be interpreted as a place of sustenance, be it physically or mentally.  Even the rustic wooden table and stools have a story, as do many of the items you’ll find in Rhythm Full On.

Mira & Panina, thank you for the opportunity of documenting this very special space.  We hope that our photos have brought it to life.

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