Sandbag House Sunday suppers

Sunday suppers at the Sandbag House


How lovely to document another McGregor entrepreneurial story!  The Sandbag House Sunday suppers  are seriously the best thing since sliced bread.

McGregor is a tiny little village.  Restaurants take turns to open on certain nights of the week, but Sunday evening could leave you with a hungry belly as there’s not much open.

Enter Fiona & Tom.  This enthusiastic and entrepreneurial couple have created Sunday evening pop up suppers at their gorgeous home in McGregor.  So if you are looking for a hearty home cooked meal at the fireplace in winter, or a balmy evening on the stoep in summer, the Sandbag House is your place.

I had the honour of photographing all the activities that go into the preparation and hosting of these wonderful pop up Sandbag House Sunday suppers.

The Sandbag House is a beautiful rustic, cosy home right at the top of the village.  Once you get passed the welcoming committee of kitty cats, Fiona and Tom are there to greet you with open arms.  What a lovely couple!  They complement each other so well.  Fiona is the magician in the kitchen (Tom’s not half bad either let me tell you!) and Tom organizes all of the logistical things.  He’s also the time keeper and   master  of the outdoor fireplace, Weber and patio area.  If you are really lucky you might find him in his waiters outfit ?  What a great team!

How lovely to know that so much of the wonderful wholesomeness served at the Sandbag House comes straight from the veggie patch in the back yard.  There are also herbs a plenty to add to any dish.

Fiona is as cool as a cucumber in the kitchen.  Just thinking of cooking a meal for eight people has me going into hysterics, but she’s as calm as can be beavering away at a relaxed pace;  all the while telling little anecdotes about her recipes and beautiful heirlooms which get used as part of the table décor.

The handwritten menu on the chalk board made me drool.  And all of the delicious smells emitting from the kitchen had my tummy grumbling.

How lovely to finally sit down at a long festive table with a bunch of lovely McGregorites to enjoy the yummy meal together.

Fiona and Tom, here’s wishing you every success with your Sandbag House Sunday supprs.  They are already a hit!

If you’d like to get in touch or find out a little more about Sunday suppers at the Sandbag House, have a look here.  Other than working her magic in the kitchen, Fiona is also the author of a lovely blog called Fiona’s Favourites where she shares her life ramblings.


  • Fiona says:

    Selma! You have outdone yourself! And what fun I had – and hope you did too, including donning my slippers! Thank you so much for this. Look forward to your next visit to McGregor!

  • Jenny says:

    What wonderful words and captivating pictures! Shout out to Fiona and Tom xxx

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