Simons Town Wedding

Georgia & Leon

Georgia & Leon’s Simons Town wedding is one of those that will stay with us for many years to come.  Their special day was literally the culmination of three days of pre wedding celebrations.  After each get together the excitement became more and more tangible.  It was wonderful getting to know most of the guests during these events, and eventually it felt like WE were guests too.  We just happened to be guests who had all of our camera gear with us!

During those pre wedding celebrations we also got to experience the incredible bond of love and joy shared between all of these people.  But NOTHING could have prepared us for the electric energy that prevailed on Georgia & Leon’s crazy, colourful leap year Simons Town wedding day.  A day, that if you had to have turned forward the hands of time, nobody would have believed what was to be in the weeks to follow.

There were just so many next level aspects to this wedding.  Actually having your wedding on private property that has never hosted an event before is pretty amazing.  But what is even more amazing, is that the venue was built and when we say built – we mean constructed from scratch.  The first few images tell that story.  Then the inside started to take shape.  What an explosion of colour and a labour of love.  And so, together with the turquoise ocean and a pair of inquisitive penguins, Water’s Edge became the backdrop to Georgia & Leon’s Simons Town wedding.

There’s more.  How cool is Georgia’s wedding transport?  And the unique and beautiful wedding ceremony.   Prayer flags with blessings on them for Georgia & Leon to keep forever, as a reminder of their special day.

And then, there are the people.  We said it in our previous post, but we will say it again.  We are nothing without people.  People to laugh with, to cry with, to reminisce with, to celebrate with.  Where does one even begin to describe the incredible vibe on Georgia and Leon’s wedding day?   Seriously, this is the stuff dreams are made of.  And we’ll be honest, it felt like a dream.  And we were sad when it was all over.  But man oh man, this wedding could not have come at a more appropriate time.  These images have kept us sane during lock down.  They’ve brought smiles and tears as we’ve edited them.  We’ve literally relived the entire day, and we hope that if you were there, these images will bring those memories flooding back.  And if you weren’t,  we hope they paint a vivid picture.

Things are pretty crazy in the world right now, but we’d like you to pause, and take a moment to share this unbelievable wedding day with us.  Georgia, Leon and your families we cannot thank you enough for putting your trust in us to capture your most beautiful Simons Town wedding day.



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