Stellenbosch Webersburg Wedding

Riekie & Jaco


Riekie and Jaco’s Stellenbosch Webersburg wedding was another one that left us feeling all warm and fuzzy.  You know real, genuine love when you see it.  You may ask are not all people in love on their wedding day?   The answer is yes, they are, but then there are the hand full of couples who just have “it.”  The ones, who were totally destined to be together.  The ones, who have a deeper connection than just the superficial and obvious.  The ones, who can say so much without saying a word.   Riekie and Jaco are one of those kinds of couples.

We’d never met these two lovebirds until the day of their Stellenbosch Webersburg wedding, but somehow by the end of the evening, if felt as if they were old friends.

Webersburg is a wonderful wedding venue and it really is a one stop shop for wedding couples.  There is space for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies, accommodation a plenty, and scenery to die for!

A very special part of Riekie and Jaco’s wedding day was the fact that Jaco’s dad married them.

Quite an emotional ceremony, with a few tears being wiped away from time to time.

While guests enjoyed canapes on the deck overlooking the dam , we went off on the couple shoot.  Just total bliss for us having these two in front of our lenses.  The beautiful soft winter light and bare trees were perfect for a gorgeous photography backdrop.

The reception was super fun.  Your mc was one for the books,  Riekie and Jaco!  A laugh a minute!  What a fun bunch you all are!

May the two of you continue to live life to the full, and may your love only grow stronger!  This is kind of how we felt after your Stellenbosch Webersburg wedding day!

“I think one of my favourite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much you enjoy them and their existence.”



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