Tokai Forest Couple Shoot

Philna & Eon

What’s more lovely than a Tokai Forest couple shoot?  A Tokai Forest Couple shoot with an AWESOME couple!  Philna and Eon were one of the lucky couples who won a free photo shoot by entering a competition at our stand at Rooiberg Winery during the Wacky Wine weekend held in June.

Philna & Eon stay in Worcester and they were visiting family in Muizenberg for the weekend.  Philna’s sister suggested Tokai forest for their couple shoot.  And boy, are we glad she did.  The late afternoon winter light was so gorgeous.  And the little pockets of sunshine filtering through the pine trees was simply beautiful.

Philna & Eon told us that this was their first couple shoot, and that they were nervous and awkward that they would not know what to do.  Well, here’s a secret.  Each time we meet a new couple, and we have them in front of our lenses for the first time, we are nervous too!

But then you suddenly get into the groove of things when you see all of the gorgeousness around you.  And not even five minutes later the butterflies in your tummy are gone and it’s just FUN!  And for Philna and Eon it was just like that.  Only a few minutes into the shoot and they were total naturals!  And suddenly an hour passed super quickly, and we almost wished we had longer!

Philna & Eon are going to be apart over the next few months, as Eon is off to work in the States for a while.  We hope that you don’t miss each other too much, and that these photos of your Tokai Forest Couple shoot will remind you of the love and special bond that the two of you share.

We are so happy that our paths crossed, and we wish you tons of love for the future!

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