Traditional Engagement Function

Traditional Engagement Function

There is nothing more lovely than a traditional engagement function.  The colourful outfits, the customs and the gorgeously packaged gifts all make it very special!

We’ve done quite a number of these functions in in our time, and although they all follow the same pattern, each of them is unique in their own way.  You can however draw a common thread through any traditional engagement function, and that is the gorgeously dressed “fiance to be. “  Man oh man, bring on the Indian outfits, scarves and jewelry.  Add to that the stunning make up and mehndi, and you are bound to have a whole lot of loveliness on the back of your camera screen.

We met Raeesah at her home.  We got to take a few portraits of the beautiful fiancé to be as well as capture some special moments between family members.  A final prayer, the traditional send off, before heading off to the venue for the traditional engagement function to commence.

Navy, gold and red was the colour scheme for the evening.

As per usual, Cathkin Caterers did a marvelous job with the dinner.  Have we ever mentioned that we love Indian food?  Well now you know.

After opening prayers and speeches, an exchange happens between the groom’s family and the bride.  She is presented with the engagement ring as well as a beautiful watch.

The highlight everyone waits for on the evening is when the groom to be makes his grand entrance.  It’s all eyes on him as he greets the matriarchs of the both families and then finally makes his way up on to the stage adorned with flowers to greet the most beautiful lady in the room.  Then it’s his turn to receive some pampering from the brides side of the family.

The rest of the evening is for socializing and having a turn to have a photo taken with the lovely couple.

Raeesah and Yaseen, thank you for choosing us to document your beautiful traditional engagement function.  Wishing you both lots of love and happy wedding planning!



  • Raeesah Sonday says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing work and for capturing these memories so perfectly! ♥️ Everyone is super impressed with the photos. Here’s to many more years of success to you and Andre!

  • Benazier Lalu says:

    These pictures are stunning!!!! Thank you for taking such amazing pictures of the couple and us the guests! Lighting on point 😉 Everything is just on point!

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