Tuscany Hall Engagement Function

Aqeelah & Nadeem

Aqeelah & Nadeem’s Tuscany Hall engagement was literally our last event shoot before Covid 19 hit the shores of South Africa.  How the world has changed since then.  The image of Aqeelah’s lovely mom giving me a big hug and bidding us farewell with a beautiful floral arrangement from one of the table settings is still fresh in my memory.  And now, there are no more hugs, we are in lockdown and social distancing is a word we’ve become accustomed too.

The hospitality and kindness we experience when shooting Muslim functions is really something so commendable.  Aunties in beautiful colourful scarves continuously ask if you’ve had enough to eat.  And always the question out of genuine concern: “Aren’t you tired yet?”  We really feel so welcome at these events.  Even the Imam acknowledges us already.  How amazing that we get to meet so many lovely people in the community.  There is always someone we know at one of the events.  We truly feel privileged.

The evening started off at Aqeelah’s home where we took a few portraits of her and with her nearest and dearest.

After a family prayer we headed off for the Tuscany Hall engagement function.

One thing we can say for sure is that Cathkin Caterers know their thing when it comes to food.  Simply yummy!

Nadeem did not waste any time making his grand entrance adorned with bright red roses for his bride to be.  After the traditional ring and watch exchanges, guests enjoyed dinner together and all had their turn for a photograph with the couple on the stage.

Aqeelah and Nadeem what a gorgeous couple you make.  We are so glad we still got to do your Tuscany Hall engagement event.  Hopefully by the time your wedding day comes around later this year, the world will have healed itself again.


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