Upper Liesbeek River Garden Family shoot

The Rawoot Family

This Upper Liesbeek River Garden family shoot nearly did not happen.  Our first shoot was postponed as the family had been hit by a bug (NO, not the Covid-19 one in case you were wondering!)  And then came the REAL bug and social distancing was on everyone’s lips.  We sent what’s apps forwards and backwards as to what to do, and after a few days decided we were going to go ahead.  Thank goodness we did, as the next week we went into lockdown!

We’re super glad we could still do this shoot as now we’ve had the gorgeous Rawoot family to keep us company as we’ve had their images to edit.

This was our second shoot for this sweet family.  Back when we met them for the first time, Raaid was only little and they were a family of four.  Now Dayyaan is big brother to not only one, but two siblings.

How gorgeous is Safiya?  Honestly, she’s like a little doll!  Nafisa could not have chosen a better location than this lovely spot that is the Upper Liesbeek River Garden.  Her little girl absolutely adores water and the boys are into bugs and reptiles, so they were permanently on the hunt.

What a fun morning we had with this family!  The Upper Liesbeek River Garden is the perfect spot for some respite from the craziness out there and perfect for little people to explore and have an adventure.

Thanks you guys, we are so glad that we did this shoot for you.  It’s been wonderful seeing your little family grow, and the dynamics between you all.

Until next time!

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