Wedding Photographer’s Getting Ready Shots

Getting Ready Moments

Fancy finding out what these Cape Town wedding photographer’s Getting Ready Shots are about?  Well if so, we are glad you’ve landed here, you’ve come to the right place!  Hello!  We’re Andre and Selma, aka Expressions Photography.

You’ve probably also realized that there are a gazillion wedding photographers in Cape Town!  We don’t envy you trying to make a choice on who you’d like to book for your special day.

In case you have not stumbled across our work before, we’d love for you to get a feel for what makes THESE two Cape Town wedding photographers happy.

Moments make us happy.  And to be more specific, immortalizing those never to be repeated split seconds for a life time.

And in our more than 15 years of capturing weddings, we’ve documented our fair share of those!

Annie Leibovitz once said: “One doesn’t stop seeing, one doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and on.  It’s on all the time.”  Don’t you love this?  There is so much truth in it.

One night deep into the wedding reception one of the guests once asked me: “Don’t you get tired?”  The answer is: “No.”  Because just as Annie Leibovitz said, you are so wired, you are so eager for moments, you don’t want to miss anything!  It feels a bit like a kid hunting for Easter eggs, and then there’s that joyous moment when you find one.  It’s kind of the same with photography.  You get that same kick when you know you’ve captured the perfect frame!

Just the other day a couple booked us for their wedding.  When discussing the timeline, the bride said to me: “An hour?  Why would you need to be with the bride for an hour.  I don’t want that many pictures of myself.”  That got me thinking.  It comes so naturally to us as wedding photographers, but as the couple, there’s no way of knowing what makes up the ACTUAL photography on your wedding day.

So we thought we’d share a few “getting ready” photographs to show that it is not just about capturing the perfect bridal portrait.  Most people are awkward in front of a camera and don’t like the idea of actually posing.  We’re fine with that.  In fact we are MORE than fine with that.  For us, it’s about capturing the moments in real time, and then maybe throwing in a few portraits.  Nine out of ten times brides are running late anyway, and there it’s a mad rush to get to the ceremony on time.  It used to bother us a lot, but now we’ve learnt to embrace it.  We know that we’ve done the best job we can, and often times it means loads of photos that would not normally have been captured if there was too much focus on the bride.

We love including the groom in the getting ready shots too if he’s close by enough.  We make a point of spending at least 40 minutes capturing the things grooms do before ceremonies too.  Why should it be only exclusively for the bride?  And if you and your partner should decide you’re getting ready TOGETHER it’s even more fun!

We hope you enjoy this set of images.  Perhaps now you’ll have a better understanding of what these Cape Town photographer’s getting ready shots are all about.  If our style resonates with you, and maybe if your friends are looking for wedding photographers,  you can point them in our direction.  You can see more of our wedding photographs here.


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