Woodstock Couple Shoot, Annerie and Ruan

Annerie & Ruan

This Woodstock Couple Shoot definitely ranks up there along with our all-time favourite shoots.  How can you possibly go wrong when you have two such amazingly gorgeous people in front of your lens!

Ruan is a steampunk of note, so our venue at the Woodstock Exchange was just PERFECT for him.  Annerie has the most beautiful hair we have ever seen – literally flaming red hair.  Not only that, but these two, are such an interesting, artistic couple.  And they were game for anything!  Annerie and Ruan were absolute naturals in front of the camera.  We were seriously in photography heaven!

Annerie and Ruan’s Woodstock couple shoot was a special one indeed.  They contacted us a while back to book us for a shoot.  They were down on holiday in Cape Town to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.  Not only had they chosen the exact date to the day they got married for their shoot, it was also at the very time their ceremony took place a year ago.  A real celebration of life and love!They have decided to start a rather unique tradition, and we really hope they keep it up.  Each year they will go somewhere different to celebrate their anniversary.  The idea is to use a different photographer in each location.  And so they will collect a little portfolio of their lives together seen through the lenses of people all over.  How cool is that?

We’d really like to thank the Woodstock Exchange for allowing us to shoot  this Woodstock Couple shoot in their beautiful space.   Woodstock is fast becoming a trendy part of town.  The Woodstock Exchange hosts a wonderful variety of creative tenants.  Designers, communications, media and gastronomic delights – you’ll find them all within this hub.  A special thank you to the staff at Superette, who kept their door open a little longer for us.  And the lovely people from Starling & Hero who let us use their shop frontage.

Annerie and Ruan we so enjoyed the time we spent with you doing your Woodstock Couple shoot.  We wish you many years of happiness and exciting anniversaries in the future.  You guys are gorgeous!


  • Annerie Bothma says:

    It is absolutely stunning! We cannot thank you guys enough for not only the fun we had, but also the amazing images! Honestly, you are the most amazing photographers we’ve had the privilege of shooting with. What a blessing!

    • Selma Ohlsson says:

      Thank you so much Annerie. But it’s couples like you who fuel our energy and creativity to make us love what we do EVEN more! So thank YOU!

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