Kogel Bay Engagement Shoot

Kerri & Chris


This moody Kogel Bay Engagement shoot was so much fun! Leading up to the day, the weather forecast kept changing. Even a few days before we were due to meet up with Kerri and Chris, it was showing rain. Miraculously it held off, and only right at the end of our shoot, did the sky turn dark and spew out a few drops.


Many couples have asked us: “what if it’s cloudy when we have our shoot?” We’ll be the first to say – no problem! Clouds act like a giant soft box and bring out the colours and textures you would not ordinarily see on a bright sunny day. This of course makes for moodier and dramatic shots.

Talk about DRAMATIC. Kerri and Chris were meant to have made the trip from “down under” to South Africa three years ago already. But we all know how the big C had plans of it’s own turning everybody’s lives upside down! And so it was that finally we found ourselves doing their Kogel Bay engagement shoot just two weeks before their wedding day. Almost three years later than it was meant to have happened.

Something else couples ask is, “will you tell us what to do during our shoot?” We had not even made it onto the Kogel Bay beach yet, when Kerri uttered those very words. Our answer, of course we will! BUT, we want you to be YOU. And most importantly, we want you to walk away from the shoot feeling like you had fun time. It turned out (as it does most of the time) that Kerri & Chris never had a thing to worry about. They were an absolute treat to have in front of our lenses. Boulder hopping, perching on awkward rocks and jumping over sea streams – they did it all!

Kerri and Chris, we knew after shooting your Kogel Bay engagement shoot that your wedding day would be fabulous. And it was.

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