Blouberg Beach Engagement shoot

Lucy & David

A Blouberg Beach engagement shoot for the win! And when Cape Town dishes out a perfect evening, you certainly make the most of it!

Lucy and David both love the ocean, and seeing as though their destination wedding would be in the winelands, they opted for a beach engagement shoot.


We met these two lovelies down at our local coffee shop when they were out from the UK planning their wedding. We instantly connected to their laid back vibe and their chilled approach to their wedding day. These two are all about having fun. Not only are they easy on the eye, their spontaneity is next level. In the words of Lucy: “We definitely didn’t plan on leaving soaking wet and covered in sand but would 100% do it again!” And THAT is what fuels our energy and our zest for what we do. We absolutely knew that we would have as many laughs on their wedding day, and we did!


Often times people do not realize the importance of the background when they ask for a beach photo shoot. A flat white sandy beach looks good on the eye, but once you see it through a viewfinder, it quickly becomes pretty insipid with just white sand, blue water and a washed out sky. Not very inspiring at all.

The moment you add a bit of colour and texture in the form of rocks, boulders or sea spray, it’s a different picture. And if you are willing to get your feet (and some more) wet, even better as then you can incorporate the gorgeous colours of the ocean too. This little rocky beach at the end of the car park in Belloy street is a favourite spot for us to do our Cape Town engagement photo shoots. It’s lovely for couples from abroad too, as on a clear day Table mountain shows off!

We had the best time shooting Lucy and David’s Blouberg Beach engagement shoot. We haven’t laughed this much during a photo session in ages. Not even 5 minutes in, and they were already wet. You two are a breath of fresh air, and we are so grateful that you crossed our paths!


  • Lucy Rosedale says:

    These are just stunning, we can not thank you guys enough for these incredible photos! ❤️ We were both terrified of being in front of the camera but with you two it felt so normal and we had such a jol!

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