Blouberg Beach family photoshoot

Charmaine's Clan

This Blouberg Beach family photoshoot did not quite turn out the way Charmaine and her family had anticipated. In the end though,  they got more than they bargained for. They made once in a lifetime memories and we froze moments in time that they will never forget!


Here is the scenario. You’ve spent money on booking a photographer. Your outfits are perfectly co-ordinated. You’ve specially had your hair and make up done. You’ve convinced the whole family (some of whom have flown half way around the world) that you need a Blouberg Beach family photoshoot.

On the day of the shoot, there’s a gale force wind blowing. You can’t even open the car door. It’s THAT bad. You’re being sandblasted, your hair is a mess, your sunnies are hazy and it’s freezing cold.

What to do? Do you just write it off as a bad experience? Just graciously accept the link to the images, never even giving them a second look? Or, do you embrace the crazy weather, and come to the realization, that it’s not about how you look, but rather who you are with. You make peace with the fact that your hair was not perfect.  Your eyes were streaming. The cold wind is forgotten.  You were making memories with the people you love.

We will always step up to the plate, no matter what. Our dedication to doing the best we can in a challenging situation is unwavering. But it’s a fifty fifty scenario. We cannot do it alone.

Charmaine, you guys could so easily have been miserable. Instead, you were all so amazing. Your windy family photoshoot turned out to be one that we will remember for a very long time! Here is just a tiny snippet of what went down!

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