Islamia Wedding

Mehtaab & Murad

Another gorgeous Islamia Wedding!   Mehtaab & Murad you two are just meant to be together!  We had such a blast capturing your special day.


We started off at Mehtaab’s home before leaving for the Nikkah ceremony.  This is when some of the first tears started to flow.  These moments always make for great photo ops though.  It’s these unscripted moments of raw emotion that happen once in a life time.   These are the ones you want to hold onto forever, and we get such a kick out of nailing that one shot that speaks volumes.

The Nikkah took place in the Islamia Mosque.  It’s always great to be able to capture the tears, the smiles and the tender moments exchanged between loved ones.

After the ceremony it was lovely to spend a few quiet moments with Mehtaab & Murad in the mosque after everyone had left.  The next stage of their Islamia Wedding day saw them both dressing at their respective homes before we headed off to two different locations for their couple shoot.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Mehtaab’s dress.  Seriously, how gorgeous is it?  It was literally covered in handstitched beads and little crystals for a bit of bling.  And we are always in such admiration of the very talented Shahied who is always there to dress his brides.  It’s such a lovely personal touch.

It’s never easy shooting in harsh midday light, but these two were so much fun that there were loads of happy moments to counter the bright sun!  Thank you to the two families who opened up their beautiful  homes to us.

Our evening ended with the reception at the Islamia banqueting hall.  As Muslim wedding photographers in Cape Town, I must say we spend quite a bit of time in the Islamia Hall.  It seems to be a firm favourite.  And when you have La Elegante as the caterers, well it all makes sense!  What a day, what a couple!

Mehtaab & Murad, my you always be as happy as you were on your wedding day.  Your spontaneous laughter says it all.  Thank you for trusting us with the memories of your most special of days.  We loved every minute of your beautiful  Islamia wedding day!




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