La Elegante Wedding

Zahraa & Zakir

A La Elegante wedding in more ways than one!  Having been Muslim wedding photographers in Cape Town for a number of years now, we can vouch for the fact that La Elegante Catering should be on any bride’s wedding vendor list.  Their attention to detail, efficiency and professionalism are hard to beat.  Let’s not forget to mention the amazingly delicious food!

When one of the top catering companies in Cape Town has a daughter getting married, of course they are going to pull out all the stops.  Add to this an elegant bride and a stunning location for the couple shoot and you have a La Elegante wedding of note!

You may remember these two lovelies from their engagement function that we photographed almost a year ago to the date.  They were due to get married in April, but we all know how the world was thrown into turmoil and it was just not meant to be.

And so it was that this La Elegante wedding turned out to be an intimate lock down wedding instead of the couple having a guest list of around 600 people!   We were literally blown away by the amazing team work of bringing this vision to life.  The venue was spectacular and so perfectly set up within the parameters of all the protocol that needed to be in place.  It just proved to us again, that where there is a will there is a way.  And if you really want something to happen you can DO IT!

Moving on to this gorgeous couple!  Zakir is such a gentleman.  He dotes over Zahraa, and who wouldn’t?  She is absolutely beautiful!

As if Covid had not already dealt these two lovelies a horrible blow by making them postpone their wedding twice, it was also pouring with rain on their wedding day!  BUT, this led to them organizing beautiful Casa Labia as a venue for their couple shoot.  We could literally have squeaked with excitement when they told us this.  We’d been dying to shoot there, and finally we got the opportunity!  They were the  perfect couple to shoot in this amazing venue.  It’s almost as if it was built just for THEM!

South Africa is not known as the rainbow nation for nothing.  Being wedding photographers, we get to cover a diverse cultural range on any given wedding day.  One thing we can say for sure is that being Muslim wedding photographers in Cape Town has taught us so much about this amazing nation.  We have such respect for their values, their modesty and their kind hearts.

Zaahra & Zakir, thank you for choosing us to photograph your beautiful wedding day.  Maybe it was not entirely we you had envisioned originally, but man oh man, did it turn out being a special day!



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