Rainy Cape Town Muslim wedding

Ayesha & Nasief

A rainy Cape Town Muslim wedding! A far cry from tradition, but oh so much fun! One of a handful of days we got home absolutely drenched!   It’s been a long while since a couple has truly embraced the cold and wet Cape Town winter weather like Ayesha & Nasief did!


These two sweet souls booked one of our micro wedding packages.  And then came the phone call.  We’d been so used to getting calls to cancel or postpone weddings,  that it had become quite the norm. Can you imagine the elation when Ayesha said:  “our micro wedding is not so micro anymore!”  And instead of calling to cancel they were asking us to capture a full day instead. And seriously, we could not have spent the day with two nicer people!  Having been Cape Town Muslim wedding photographers for over a decade already, we know that we always leave a Muslim wedding with grateful hearts.  Even a rainy day Cape Town Muslim wedding!


Our day started off with a beautiful Nikkah ceremony.  It was one of those heartfelt ones that was filled with moments of both tears and laughter.  And this is something we quickly learnt about these two.   They have no pretenses.  Ayesha & Nasief are such open, genuine people, who can’t help displaying to the world just how much they adore each other – and we LOVE it!

After a quick dress change, guests got to enjoy a wonderful meal with the couple.  With restrictions on guest numbers, the first part of the reception was a lunch, and the second part had some friends and family join for a quick drive by dessert table.  A super clever way to get to spend a little time with as many of your dearest as possible,  yet still adhering to protocol.

The weather had been touch and go all the way through the reception, but just as we left for the couple shoot the heavens opened up.  And it was proper Cape Town winter rain bucketing down.  Lucky for us we got to spend the first part of the couple shoot in the gorgeous 20 on Vineyard Road.  Nothing wrong with a good cup of Seattle coffee when it’s super chilly outside and what gorgeous intimate moments we got to capture.

Then things got interesting!  This post in not called a Rainy Cape Town Muslim wedding for nothing!  Ayesha & Nasief wanted to have a bit of a nature look to the second part of their shoot.  And nature we did.  Really really WET nature!  We have never seen a bride take off her wedding shoes and run through sludgy mud and thick wet grass ever before.  This literally took “dancing in the rain” to a WHOLE new level.

Ayesha & Nasief, you two were truly amazing.  And such an example to all couples out there that no matter the weather, it’s who you’re with that really counts! Thank you for trusting us to capture your most precious of moments.  We loved spending the day with you!




  • Ayesha says:

    This makes me want to put on my wedding dress again and going to go do another photoshoot <3

    We both not comfortable in front of the camera but you made us feel so comfortable!

    You are two warm hearted souls with an amazing talent.

    I would highly recommend you to EVERYONE, and their was only positive feedback from our guests as well, even they loved you 🙂

    • Awwwhh, your message makes our hearts so happy. We’d run around with you in the rain again ANY DAY! Thank you so much for making us a part of your special day. We loved every minute!

  • Sameerah says:

    Stunning stunning pictures, wow 🙂 can feel the love and warmth come through in each picture ❤️

  • Ayesha says:

    Going through these images makes me want to put on my wedding dress again to go do another photo shoot.

    We both are not comfortable in front of the camera, however both Selma and Andre made us so comfortable.

    Two warm hearted souls that is such a pleasure to work with! We received only positive feedback and even our guests loved you guys.

    We would highly recommend you to anyone and everyone!

    It was so much fun to work with the both of you.

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